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09 Apr 2013 20:49

As someone who has had massive depressive episodes in the past (and suicidal thoughts), the whole “depression makes you weak” seriously bothers me. That post wasn’t about me being an “Elena stan”, it’s about me being someone whose gone through depression herself and has connected to Elena because she’s had similar experiences. Seeing female characters in fiction who go through depression and can still get out of bed every day and try to live their lives the best they can is inspirational to me. Elena certainly isn’t perfect, but she’s highly relatable to me. And when I see people with depressive symptoms being called weak, it’s highly triggering to me.

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    As someone who has had massive depressive episodes in the past (and suicidal thoughts), the whole “depression makes you...
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  15. argentsallson said: Exactly, that’s why that posted made me so mad. And I couldn’t even read it all, I got triggered right at the beginning.
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  17. damonqilbert said: same here darling, I go through the same thing on the daily basis and I understand completly <3
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